The Love Doctor: Valentine’s Day Exposed (Special Edition)

| February 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

valentines dayLet’s take a break from the economics, politics and finances and focus on love. Relationships, love and sex are big part of our lives and we have to understand them. The bitter bananas are not few there either.
We are introducing the new rubric of the magazine called “The Love Doctor”.

No, I’m not going to diss the Valentine’s day. It’s great for the chocolate, flowers and wine industries, these sectors employ many people.
It’s a celebration of romantic love, it’s great day for many people, especially for the women.

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What Is Bitter Banana?

| February 6, 2013 | 1 Comment

We all know what a banana is. It’s a delicious sweet yellow fruit coming from Ecuador 😀

But what is a bitter banana?
Imagine you are eating the same good looking Ecuadorian banana but instead of having that sweet taste, it’s bitter like pepper. You are not going to like it, right?

However it’s interesting that if someone is giving away the same bitter bananas for free, most people are going to rush and get them, they are free! And a lot of those people are going to eat them even though they may have better food too. They eat them, they don’t like them, they may or may not complain, who cares, it’s important that after eating lots of bananas you don’t feel hungry anymore. And after you get used to the bad tasting food, you become OK with it, you can eat it everyday – it’s the cheapest and easiest food you can get. You actually may promote the idea of eating bitter bananas to your friends, it seems good enough to you.

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