Can The Crocodile Tears Of Michelle Obama Fool You? If Yes, Vote Hitlery!

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Americans are getting closer to the big election day when they will have to pick according to many of them “the lesser of the 2 evils”. Hitlery Clinton vs Donald Duck… Ooops, Hillary or Trump. (Btw, there are 2 other candidates but who cares about them, right?). A big choice!

The wife of the current president (just like her hubby) openly supports “the woman candidate” for a long time now. How can you not vote for her? She is a woman. And Trump is bad. This is the essence of the campaign of the democrats and so far it gives them serious chances.

The other day Michelle Obama commented on the “Trump tapes” scandal. You know, about the 11 years old “grab them by the pussy” talk. So here is what Michelle Obama said: “I can’t stop thinking about this. It has shaken me to my core”.

Big crocodile tears.
She is playing the victim. And all women and all politically correct liberals must feel the same.
How can this pig Trump say such things!
Vote for the woman!

If you buy into that and you ignore all the lies and all the crimes committed by the Clintons, then you are a modern American.
Who cares about the rapes, the murders, the sell-offs, the wars and the possible nuclear war!

It’s important to feel smart and enlightened because you like the way Michelle Obama expresses herself (or himself, who knows).
I mean look at her, she sounds authentic and convincing. Professional actors, learn!

The democrats have much better speech writers than the republicans.

Yet, no one can top Russian foreign minister’s comments about the US elections:

Lavrov on CNN: ““There are so many pussies around your presidential campaign on both sides that I prefer not to comment about this”.


This is our Russian propaganda piece.
Sort of.

Now, if you are an American we feel you. Seriously.
Yet, if you have at least an ounce of brain you should not vote for a person who is a mass murderer and who may start a global war. (Hint: It’s not Donald Trump)
Just saying.

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