Brief Recap of 2014 – Another Year of Controlled Global Chaos

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2014 recapIt’s 2015. The world has not ended yet.
2014 was rich in significant events and important changes. In this article we will make a brief recap of what happened in the world during the last 365 days.
In one sentence it was another year of controlled global chaos – many things happened, people get confused, plans change but overall it seems that what happened was well orchestrated or at least expected to a big degree.
However 2014 had some events that will probably be historical marks in the future. So lets recap them.

Like always in the center of our attention are the 2 global superpowers – the United States and Russia. It was tense between them. We will mention the new cold war thing in a bit.
Also, it would be silly not to add China as the 3rd major player worldwide. China is now the number 1 economy in the world, the country with the most population and rising military and political power.

Probably the most significant events happened in Ukraine. Earlier in 2014 there was a coup in Kiev. A group of neo-nazis and US-controlled oligarchs used violence and ideologically driven protests to throw down the officially elected president at the time.

Meanwhile the people in Crimea (which was a Ukrainian province with special autonomy status at the time) with the help of Russian troops voted to join the Russian Federation because they didn’t want to have anything to do with the new regime in Kiev. And then on March 16th Crimea became part of Russia again.

After that Ukraine practically divided as a country and a civil war began. The new authorities in Kiev sent army to the Eastern parts of the country were people want independence. As a result thousands of people died so far and the country practically collapsed.

These events were historical, there are strong geopolitical interests behind them and those of you who focus only on media narratives and primitive emotions will never be able to understand them. We recommend you to read all our articles regarding the Ukraine crisis to get a better perspective.

The events in Ukraine served as a great excuse to the United States government and their European vassals to start something like a “new cold war” but so far without an “iron curtain”. They started a mass media war against Russia, falsely portraying it as evil aggressor and called president Putin “the new Hitler”.
Then a sanctions war started which so far hurts everyone.
Read: The real aim of the sanctions against Russia

We can’t forget the flight MH17 case. An airplane with over 300 people was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. There are many theories about who shot it and how. One thing is sure, the Western media blamed Russia and personally president Putin on the very next day without any proof – talking about propaganda. Read our take on this case.

Meanwhile in the Middle East a new terrorist group was “born out of nowhere”. I hope you feel the sarcasm. Of course, it’s the Islamic State or the so called ISIS. It’s a radical group that apparently will be used as the new big boogieman in the world of “terrorism threats”. Well, unlike boogieman, the danger is real. Read about it here.

The fear of Putin, ISIS and flying with Malaysian jets wasn’t enough so there had to be a new dangerous disease threat for the public. So here came Ebola. Now, the Ebola virus is not new but it was never a problem before. The epidemic started in Africa and many people died from it there. There were cases of Ebola in other countries as well – in most cases travelers from Africa. We don’t have detailed evidences but the whole thing is really suspicious. There are many theories but one thing is for sure – someone is profiting from it big time.

Israel bombing Gaza was also a major news. It got a lot media attention and it marked a temporary (or not) tension between the US and Israel. There were countless protests worldwide against Israel.

The commodity markets – oil dropped to below $60 a barrel which seemed impossible a year ago. The Saudis are not cutting down oil production to keep high prices and the global demand for oil is not growing with the expected rates. These low prices hurt all big oil producers. A major theory is that this is attack against the Russian economy where after the drop of the oil prices the ruble lost over 50% of it’s purchasing power compared to the dollar and the euro.
Gold and silver have low prices too. They are far away from the highs few years ago.

The new geopolitical alliances – G8 no longer exists. BRICS is gaining more recognition. The close relations of Russia and the EU are on the fence. Russia and China formed sort of strategic partnership, lets not forget that they’ve signed the biggest gas deal in history. New power blocs are forming.

The domestic problems in the US – the problems with the open border with Mexico, the illegal immigrants from there, the riots in Ferguson, the shootings. It seems like the US government is preparing for martial law at some point.

In the world of sports there were 2 major events – Sochi Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. Even though these were sports events the political factors played a great role.

The Sochi Olympics were magnificent, Russia showed the world what they are capable of, yet the mass media tried to make them look bad. Russia won. But as in the other cases the obvious losers don’t want to admit it. You can read our piece on the Sochi Olympics here.

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil was also a great event even though some can argue that the hosting country wasn’t fully ready. There were mass protest before the competition. We wrote about them. After all the football spirit prevailed, Germany won the world cup and people around the world enjoyed a great competition.
Sports are the civilized way for countries and people to compete with each other. No one sane needs wars.

The world is on the verge of bigger disasters. The financial and political wars will continue in 2015. Unfortunately the hot wars will continue as well because in the world of controlled chaos they serve great, we really hope they do not spread.

Have a productive year!

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