Brands, trends and stupidity

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brand and stupidity

Some of the top fashion brands

Modern-day economists are not prone to admitting an ugly truth – that profits too much depend on fools. In short – make the fools buy something that is in! The 30 years of neoliberal flourishing until 2008 was merely determined by the flourishing of brands. The combination of cheap Asian labor and consumers’ snobbery was a perfect money-making recipe.

Getting fooled – how it’s made

Think of it – a cool female film star (or let’s hope she’s female) appears in a short skirt. Then short skirts become fashionable. But what was first – the cool film star or the high prices of fabric that made managers start a short skirt campaign in order to increase economic efficiency? This example is supposed to make you think – marketing specialists are not fools but they get paid to make you act as a fool.

Impertinent brands

Brands began saving money by means of selling cheap rubbish at high prices. High quality materials are not required when you have good advertising that can make a cheap commodity appeal to consumers. Plastic watches, plastic umbrellas, resin boots and so on. Actually costing $1 or $2, such goods are sold at many times higher prices because they are fashionable (or because there are fools to buy them).

Smarter consumers

It is a fact – consumers began understanding all this. Of course, it didn’t happen spontaneously – it happened because of the crisis. The lower income made them think more before buying the next branded commodity. And Eureka! It turned that many goods that are cheap and not branded are of decent quality.

Instead of a conclusion, Bitter Bananas remind you always to ask yourself a question when you see a fashionable item – why it is advertised as a boutique commodity when it is mass produced in Asian factories?

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