Blame Your Government, The Illuminati And The Bad Weather

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blameAre you one of those people who always make excuses to themselves and to others for not doing or achieving something? Do you find always someone or something to blame for your misery? If so, you are not alone, most people in this world are just like you.

Things in life never go the way we want. All people face problems. What matters is how do they handle the problems. For the average person it is a lot easier to make some excuse and to blame someone for the bad situation he or she is and do nothing because “it’s not his/her fault”.

Let’s say a person has career problems or struggles financially. Maybe his job doesn’t pay enough or it’s too exhausting. What does he do? In most cases – nothing. Blame whoever or whatever you want, if you are going to feel better, but things ain’t changing.

Find excuses beyond your power

People like to make excuses where they blame something they can’t control, something beyond their power. This way they feel more comfortable because they lose the feeling that they could have done something instead of nothing. That feeling would bother them, they prefer to fool themselves by believing that there is nothing they can do. That’s how they validate the complains and lack of actions.

It is so easier to blame your government for some of the struggles you have because you don’t control it, you blame secret societies like the Illuminati or whatever else because it’s easier to say “I can’t do anything about it”. People make excuses related to subjects  like bad luck, fortune, God, etc all the time. There is always something that stops them. And it’s not their fault.

It’s all about adaptation

Even if you are right about your excuses that doesn’t mean you have to do nothing. Adapt. It is a nature law. Adapt to survive and move on. You want something, then put yourself in a position for it. No one is going to do it for you.

Be honest to yourself

The worst thing about making stupid excuses is that you are fooling yourself. Find your fault and your mistakes first then blame other people and circumstances.

Ask the right questions

The question “How?” is very powerful. It makes you think. You brain is looking for answers. It doesn’t mean you are going to get the correct answers (it depends on the quality of your thoughts) but at least you will do something.

I think, I will continue with post in this topic unless the bad weather ruins my plans. There is a lot more to be said. If you want to add something, please comment. And share the article in your social media profiles, we would appreciate it.

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