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Cancellation of the South Stream Gas Pipeline – Win for Turkey, Suicide for Europe

| December 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

south stream gas pipelineBe careful of what you are wishing for because it might come true. Europeans will learn it the hard way.
The top economic and geopolitical story of the last week is the cancellation of the South Stream gas pipeline project that had to directly connect Southeastern and Central Europe with Russia through the Black sea.
Apparently the project was closed by the Russian side after years of negotiations and preparation because they couldn’t come to an agreement with all of the participants from the European side. Instead Russia will build a gas pipeline to Turkey, signed and announced.

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ISIS – The New Old Terrorist Threat

| September 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

obamaThe world leaders are debating these days about whether they have to join forces against this “new” enormous terrorist threat called ISIS that apparently “has appeared from nowhere”. The United States have already started to bomb some ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria but now the conversations are about bigger coalition against this new big enemy.

The uninformed public is watching the news, sees how radical islamists execute people and the officials, well, they take advantage of all this.

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Who Needs The Anti World Cup Protests in Brazil

| June 8, 2014 | 0 Comments

anti world cup protestsThe FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is starting in a few days but along with celebrating the game and the big event a lot of people around the world see the big anti world cup protests that take place in the host country. Relatively big crowds of people participate in demonstrations against the biggest football event and demand its cancellation which leads to violence and collisions with the police. People in the social medias are also very active making hashtags like #NotGoingToBrazil or #NoVoyABrasilPorque trending in twitter. Why is this happening and who needs it?

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The War In Ukraine – Road To Catastrophe

| May 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

mariupol ukraineIt’s a total mess. That’s the so called Ukrainian crisis. The war that is going on there is a road to catastrophe – it’s already local, it might turn into global.

We’ve covered the Kiev protests earlier this year, our prediction that the country would divide turned out to be right. We later explained the situation in Crimea and if you follow us on twitter you know that we comment on the events every day. It’s not because Ukraine is hot news but because it’s the most important battlefield in the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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The Popcorn Culture – Panem et circenses!

| April 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

popcorn culture“Panem et circenses!” is a popular Latin phrase that dates from the years of the great Roman empire, it literally means “bread and circuses”. In other words, to control and not worry about the population you just have to give them food and entertainment. The same method is used today very successfully resulting in what I call “The Popcorn Culture“.

In my last post I wrote about how our society is mainly dominated by the “Celebrity Worshiping Culture“, but that culture wouldn’t have existed to that extent without the fundamental Popcorn Culture. You see they go hand in hand. That cultural combination is a very effective way to dumb down and distract the population. The Romans have been genius.

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Culture of Celebrity Worshiping

| April 13, 2014 | 1 Comment

celebrity culture of worshipingModern popular culture is a total triumph of idiocy. Our societies are driven by mass media, Hollywood and public institutions, which results in all kinds of cults. We are living in a culture of cults.

Cult of personality is the strongest out there but unlike the traditional totalitarian environment, where there is one person that everyone has to worship, now there are plenty of people to worship and you have the freedom to select your favorite (the beauty of democracy). Those people are the so called celebrities – movie stars, music stars, athletes, some politicians, some business people, etc.

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War is NOT a Video Game, Morons!

| April 2, 2014 | 0 Comments

bombWith the practical start of the new cold war, the possibilities of an actual hot war are rising. Wars around the world have never stopped but because the territories of the Western countries have been relatively peaceful grounds for the last 60-70 years people there don’t realize that it’s a serious threat.

War is not a joke, especially when we talk about the potential start of World War III with the biggest nuclear powers facing each other.
And yet, the escalation of pro-war talks among ordinary people is just astonishing. Those morons probably don’t realize that war is not a video game. It’s not an entertainment event that you can be part of and it’s not a sports competition.

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The Unwritten Rules Of Modern Democracy

| March 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

democracyDemocracy is one of the most widely used meaningless words that you can think of. Sure it has a definition that comes from ancient Greece – “rule of the people”, but it’s meaningless word today because it’s used as some sacred doctrine for whatever we can think of without actually putting a real sense into it.

Naturally people relate democracy with rights and freedom – rights to vote, freedom of speech, justice, acceptance of the different.

All these are great things and they represent the bright side of the word and why it is important, but because we all agree that it is important and good there are people who use it as a pretext that justifies something bad, as an excuse for doing stupid things, as a mask to cover their mess.

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More On The Ukrainian Riots – Possibly Leading Russia to Another Geopolitical Triumph?

| March 11, 2014 | 1 Comment

ukraine russia crimea usaKiev is under control of the criminal parliament minority supported by neo-nazis and extreme nationalists. The Crimea region separated from Ukraine. The other regions inhabited by Russian speakers (the actual majority of Ukraine’s population) are ready to do the same as long as the nazi junta is posing a threat to them. Russian public figures and politicians are openly insisting on starting an intervention in Ukraine. The presence of Russian troops in Crimea and the massive military drills are a demonstration of Putin’s decisiveness to defend Russian geopolitical positions and economic interests. Western liberal propaganda is trying to demonize Russia but it is all bluff media puffery. Here is an explanation why.

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In an ideal world without media manipulation and stupid people…

| March 8, 2014 | 1 Comment
mainstream media manipulation sheep

mainstream media results

I thought about writing another piece about the situation in Ukraine today, but I won’t. Maybe I’ll do it another day because people have to get educated and I have to be true to myself and expose what I believe is important about the topic, but not now.  There is no point because, just as Ukraine, people and media are divided and it’s bad.
(My partner in crime in this site wrote some weeks ago that Ukraine is divided so check it if you want to read about that anyway.)

People who are going to read my position are either going to praise it or blast it. That’s fine in general, all people can’t think the same way, but what is happening lately in the media world make me feel disgusted. It’s a nasty media war that doesn’t do any good for the public, escalates the tension and increases the hate among people in the world. I don’t want my article to be part of this war because I don’t like the consequences of it. So I want to make sure I’ve addressed the whole idiocy of the massive media propaganda before I write any piece on any hot topic.

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