After the Paris Shootings – Is Europe in Danger of Terrorism? …Or Self-Destruction?

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paris shootings 2015I’ve learned over the last years to look how people intepret and what are their reactions to horrible events that have happened. And the way most people react is usually silly, primitive or ignorant. Of course those reactions and interpretations of events are usually forced upon via the mass media. It happens all the time, it’s kind of predictable.

This is important because the fact that someone sophisticated enough can predict and control the mass behavior of the crowd in case of specific event that takes place is a stimulus for inducing more events.
The shootings in Paris, France are an act of terror that naturally created all sorts of reactions.

It’s all really suspicious.

First things first…
The terrorist attacks were done very professionally.
The terrorists have known exactly when to attack – when all main editors of the Charlie Hebdo magazine were present. From the videos online we can conclude that they had professional manners of communication and execution. They had escape plan.
So far most terrorist attacks were committed with suicide bombers. It’s a very important distinction.

Also the French intelligence agencies are not amateurs. They are very sophisticated and advanced and for them to miss such well prepared act of terrorism with such weapons and so on is very strange.
So they’ve either allowed it to happen, or they’ve participated, or the attacks were done by people who can outsmart the French intelligence.
As big and as dangerous the Islamic fundamental terrorists are they probably can’t outsmart the French national security services.
Again it’s one thing if some random brainwashed psycho gets a gun and starts shooting or kills himself with a self-made bomb, it’s another thing to execute such a precise attack.

With that being said lets put things into perspective.

What are the consequences?

There was immediate hostage crisis in Paris by another terrorists (or terrorist wannabes) where 4 innocent people died. Was it predictable? Yes.

We saw mass demonstrations, protests and marches for peace by millions of people across France, Europe and worldwide.  Was it predictable? Yes.

What do we see as comments from the mass media?
Talks about freedom of speech, tolerance, the need of more security measures, etc. Predictable? Yes.

What is the mass reaction from the people?
Pseudo intellectuals buy-in to the ‘protect freedom of speech’ BS and go march with pens and signs in support of free journalism. They also legitimate the controversial publications of an average magazine that published mainly pieces of garbage.
People who have bias against Islamic people now have additional excuse to hate Islamic people. The tense rises.
Young ‘jihad’ supporters become more inspired so that one day they can do such things themselves.
Again, predictable? You bet.

You see, it was an allowed operation with totally predictable consequences.

Someone gains from such event.

Remember, this was NOT operation against Charlie Hebdo magazine.
They happened to be the scapegoats. Amateurs can’t pull this off, and pros wouldn’t do it if they hadn’t had bigger goals.
Does that mean there were no real threats against the people in the magazine? No. But the threats have come from amateur haters.

So who gains from the attacks?
Unfortunately many sides can gain from this.
The French government is in trouble. The economy in the country is a mess. The popularity of the president Hollande and the cabinet is low. They can use it as distraction.
The radical groups gain popularity among some Islamic people all over the world.
The peaceful Islamic people gain nothing.
The global elites gain chaos, more fear in the people and ability for more control over the population.

We don’t know for sure who exactly did it and why, but based on what we have analysed so far you can make your own conclusions.

Now Europe in particular is in danger.

The confrontation between people from different races and religions in the continent exists. It have not blown up yet but it can happen any moment. We have seen small examples of  what can occur on a massive scale in countries like France, Germany, Belgium, the UK and others before.
Basically, no country is safe and protected.

Authorities will use this to impose fear, they will use it as an excuse to increase surveillance and tighten up security, go to new wars and so on. And they will never address the real issues, because they either don’t acknowledge them or they consider them too big to address.

The terrorism threat is real, but it’s real because of the European self-destructive politics over the last 20-30 years.

Beware of domestic wars.
You might not want them but some people will use the mass ignorance to induce them.
It’s not that hard when you have control over the chaos.

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