About Bitter Bananas

Bitter Bananas is an online magazine about the things that should bother us as people in the world economy, the global finances, the political environment, human behaviors, business, different industries, popular events, etc.
Our main focus is people’s unawareness, ignorance and stupidity. That’s why the site is called “Bitter Bananas”. It’s a metaphor.

Being negative is not our priority, we just want to be real and show the things the way we see it. We don’t like negativity, we don’t try to scare off people or bring them down. Sometimes we like being sarcastic, ironic, hard on someone, but we may also show sense of humor.

We try to give you useful tips and thoughts on variety of issues and we respect people who try not to be part of the flock. If you are an ossified ignorant person who only knows to complain and slack, this site is not for you.

The majority of the articles are opinions and analyses, the particular authors of the posts might be incorrect in their conclusions and predictions. You may or may not agree with their positions, it’s up to you, we encourage thinking and discussions.
Even different authors of the magazine may not agree 100% with each other every time, and it’s absolutely normal, that’s called personal opinion.

Even though every author here has his own economic, political and all around beliefs, we don’t try to force you on any of them.
We are NOT associated with any political party, organization, movement or regime.

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