A Crisis Of Liberal Values

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Liberalism is now the dominating ideology in the world. It is said to have won the battle with all kinds of totalitarian regimes as long as it established free market all over the world and helped  US become “World’s Policeman”. It is strange that the crisis of liberal values occurs after liberalism became the most widely-spread ideology. Actually, the key to the explanation are things that unexpectedly started coming along with the expansion of the liberal society.

Freedom for the individual

It seemed a good battle-cry for those who wanted to start their own business, especially in the post-socialist countries in Eastern Europe. It is not hard to understand why – in the so called Eastern Bloc collectivism ruled, after that there was a reaction against this collectivism and many hoped that private enterprise will make things better. For some of them it really did.

With the financial crisis going on and many people getting out of business or losing their job, the slogan is becoming forgotten, but not completely. Still liberalism has a great number of fans. Many people still fail to verbalize what society they want – both finding private enterprise good and willing the state to do more for them.

Liberalism affected important aspects of human identity:

  • Nations and countries – the borders between different countries are now playing a much more insignificant role for migration, export and import than in the past. The term “sovereign state” will never be the same again as long as countries are becoming more and more interconnected and dependent on each other. To see why it is a live question just think of the possible disintegration of the EU that is getting widely outspoken. And do not forget that some nations just hate each other because of historic reasons. Nationalist reactions are not to be underestimated in a world of great financial inequality between different countries. So be prepared for everything. You can be sure that globalism is not and will not be accepted with glee by the greater part of the world. 
  • Gender and family – we have already heard enough from liberal activists who support homosexual marriages and homosexual couples looking after children. Homosexuality is not an illness but these activists are not satisfied with society just not pursuing gays and lesbians and the appearance of such supporters is typical of liberal society. It seems that being a homosexual is not just an orientation, but somehow a question of status – by imposing it to the majority – that is still constituted by heterosexuals. Are gay parades needed when there are no heterosexual parades?

Family is an economic union that is meant to support reproduction and creating a new generation, so heterosexual families are still needed to produce people to work for the economy, at least.

Instead of a conclusion

Finally, liberalism liberated money from their connection with goods. How could otherwise the estimated dollar amount in the world be many times greater than the price of all commodities in the world? If you are still wondering about the origins of the crisis or why your business is not doing well, you have something to contemplate on. Because a world without connections between an individual and his nation, sex and reproduction and money and goods will not get too far.

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