4 Popular Science Frauds That May Surprise You

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dolly the sheep fraud

For many decades, the enlightened part of humanity used to think that science was the way prosperity. And it was true (at least for industrially developed countries)labor productivity grew tremendously fast, infectious diseases were put under control, traveling long distances became more affordable. But nowadays bureaucracy and the sick ambitions of covetous pseudo-scientists have detrimental effects on scientific researchbig money is spent on dubious research whereas crucial problems remain unsolved. Let’s see some of the most advertised scientific frauds of our time.


Why did the media stop talking about cloning? Because it was just a false sensation. Dolly the Sheep did not undergo DNA-analysis (the same analysis that is used in crime investigation) and, what is more, it was cremated short after its death so that taking DNA probes became impossible. During the years, fake messages about cloning different mammals continued to appear until the sensation died out.

In fact, the idea of cloning organisms is not newin the 1970s and 1980s frogs and fish were cloned, and scientists found out that the organisms produced are smaller in size, less vital and die very young. The explanation is that the DNA from the donor was an alreadyagedDNA and the cells that contain it have already little potential to reproduce. Science still has no way to change that, but greedy pseudo-scientists (in factwell-qualified jobbers) take the idea of cloning in order to legally steel money from the budget.

Stem cells

We are accustomed to hearing the termstem cells, but, after so many years since it first appeared, we have seen no diseases cured with the help of these mythical cells. What is more, no biological markers can prove that a cell is astem cell. Speculators try to convince us that a cell that has the potential to produce all kinds of tissues exists.

The real stem cells exist in bone marrow and only blood cells derive from it, in fact, they are low-differentiated cells that become red or white blood cells when they mature. Stating that you can change tissues with the help of a magical cell that can replace any kind of damaged tissue is a good way to get goofs’ money for fake medical research.

The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project is a similar story. US taxpayers paid $2,7 billion to decode 9% of the genome of one single person with no significant progress in the field of medicine. Of course, the project has a good side: many Americanscientistspaid their mortgages…


There is a saying among experts:Nanotechnology means: the more is spent on it, the less the result from it.The prefixnanois about the size of the particles that are researched. But studies about the structure of materials is not something new for chemistry, physics and biology. Nevertheless, giving the technology the fancynanoname and promising to create phantasmagoricalnanorobotsthat consist of several dozens of atoms is a phantastic way to wheedle money out of the budget. In the same time, you are both providing superior mental food for visionaries and ensuring yourself the social support of ignorant mugs.

Instead of a conclusion

Pseudo-scientists are able to achieve all things mentioned above because they are smart enough to deceive bureaucrats that are incompetent to define whether a research project is relevant or not. It is also possible that corrupted bureaucrats can benefit from taking part in such mass deceptions.

Serious reformation is required in the way science is financed. Useful research must be stimulated, whereas fraud cases as the ones mentioned above must go to court. Otherwise the next generations will have to pay for our negligence.

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